Your FacileThings Account, Redesigned and Improved

4 min readApr 25


This weekend we have updated the FacileThings web application with important changes at the structural level — we have updated the internal core of the software to generate faster and more efficient code — and at the external level — we have completely redesigned the Account section, which also contains new features.

Let’s see how the Account section has turned out. It is now divided into five sections.


In the Profile section you can edit your personal data, upload a profile photo, change your password or cancel your account whenever you want.

Your data will only be shared with users who are connected with you through another FacileThings account. Your name and photo will also appear in Support tickets so that we can address you more closely.

This section also shows the amount of memory occupied by the files that you have attached to your tasks by uploading them from your computer. You have 5GB of space for this kind of files, but you can attach without limit all the files you want that you have in the cloud (in applications like Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Box).


In the Settings section you have the parameters that will allow you to adjust the application to your personal use: settings to configure your time zone, language and preferences, reception of email notifications, and email addresses that you want to use to send emails to your inbox.


The Billing section is new and allows you to see the status of your subscription (and modify it in some cases), indicate the information you want to appear on your invoices, and download your invoices in PDF format.

Invoices from before 2020 are not available online for legal reasons, but we can send them to you if you need them. This is a sample invoice file:


The Integration section allows you to do the same as before — connect your Google and Outlook calendars and your Evernote account, if you have one — but in a much simpler and more intuitive way.

When you connect a Google or Outlook account an integration card is created with which you can add calendars from that account to the synchronization process (1), remove already connected calendars (2), or modify integration settings (3).

Within the account settings window you can remove that integration (5).

This is the window to add external calendars that will be synchronized with your FacileThings calendar:

The Evernote settings window (4) allows you to adjust the use you’re going to make of the integration and also remove the account in case you don’t want to continue using this integration (5).


The Utilities section contains several features that already existed before — rename tags, delete tags, export data — and a new option to delete your account data in bulk. This option can be useful when you “fall off the wagon” or when there are major changes in your life; you live a couple of months without keeping your system up to date and when you come back you realize that a good part of the data does not correspond to your current reality.

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