Why You Should Say No More Often, and How to Do So

“It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.” ~ Scott Belsky

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On many occasions, not knowing how to say no can be one of the greatest enemies of your personal productivity.

This happens to all of us to a greater or lesser extent. Putting the satisfaction of other people above yours is very good, even admirable if you do it deliberately and voluntarily for the right reasons. However, it is not that great when you unconsciously and gradually stop living your life to live the others’.

When you are incapable of saying no the enough amount of times, you end up getting to a situation where you have too many thing to do, but most of them don’t have real value for you and your life. In extreme cases, this can lead up to a feeling of emptiness and a level of stress than is as high as unnecessary.

But, why do we do this? There are several reasons, and even if some of them might seem reasonable and altruistic, they are mainly wrong:

Well, it’s not about saying no to everything, but you shouldn’t do what doesn’t bring you anything. That hurts you, literally. How can you deal with this situations? Think about this things when someone asks you to do something:

In short, learn to be assertive, to value your life, and always look for relationships with good fundamentals.

Learning how to say no is a great favor you can do to yourself. You’ll reduce your work overload and your level of stress, and you’ll have time to do what really matters to you. And the best way to learn how to say no is to practice so, go ahead, don’t be shy!

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