Tricks and Tools to Automate Your Task Efficiency

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In the workplace, there are always going to be days when the amount of work you have to do will change. Some days might be super slow, giving you time to really focus on what you need to accomplish. Others could be intense, where you have so many deadlines to reach that you end up staying late.

Something that can help change this progression for you is automating your task efficiency. Automating the work you have to do each day will help you tackle deadlines and complete projects faster, without sacrificing the quality of the work you turn in. It’s a great way to easily help improve your work life, which will eventually lead to a less stressful personal life every day after you leave the office.

Not sure how to automate the tasks you handle? Read on to learn some tricks and tools you can learn how to use overnight so that you can put them to work tomorrow. Try out each one to see what works the best to really change your work life.

Why Automating Is Helpful

Automating is essentially taking hold of technology to streamline the workflow process. It transforms how businesses interact with their employees and the quality of work they produce for clients. Studies have shown that when some companies took advantage of automating tasks, they found a 25 percent increase in productivity.

Going even further, 77 percent of businesses reported an increase in sales. The key to making automation a smooth process is to focus on what part of your work you want to automate, instead of changing everything all at once.

Tools You Can Use

Another key thing to know about automating is that it’s not only about improving your own productivity. While it increases the work you can accomplish, it also connects you with coworkers who are part of the project with you to standardize your workload. That’s why technology has had such a major influence on automating task efficiency.

Try out some of the apps and websites that you and your coworkers can use to increase your workflow:

  • Survey websites: More businesses are using surveys to find out what their employees and even their customers are thinking. These tools are especially useful if your company sends newsletters to subscribers, because you can get feedback and improve communication.
  • Google Drive: Google is all about collaboration, which is why they have some of the best automating tools. You can read up on their products to figure out which ones are best for what you do. Google Drive is an easy way for team members to work on projects and save them where everyone can reach them. All Google programs also come with mobile versions, so you can work on the go without needing to upload anything from your computer later.
  • Communication tools: Some work requires that you let a coworker know when the task has been completed so that they can start on the next required step. Automating has brought about communication tools that do this automatically. Check out Tallyfy, which is a program that will always make sure your team members know when you’re done with your part of a project.

How to Implement These Tools

The best way to implement an automation tool is to first get used to using it yourself. Whatever program you choose, start using it with something small and build your way up to bigger projects as you get used to it. Once you’re confident that it will help with what you need, introduce it to your coworkers or team members and host a meeting where you can walk them through what it does. After everyone is on the same page, you’ll see your task efficiency skyrocket and your work life become easier.

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