Take Care of Your Energy and Be More Productive This Summer

“We all have times when we think more effectively, and times when we should not be thinking at all” ~ Daniel Cohen.

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One of the factors that influence the most in your personal productivity is the energy you have when you need to face a task. It’s obvious that if you’re feeling tired, moody, distracted or grumpy, you won’t be capable of keeping the same level of attention to what you are doing and because of this you either will take longer to complete the task or the final result will be worse. But usually, both things will happen.

David Allen, creator of GTD, noticed this right away and he included the available energy as one of the four criteria in his model to choose actions in the moment.

The idea is simple. If you’re capable of keeping an inventory of tasks that require little mental effort or creativity to carry out, you’ll have the option to choose one of them when you are in one of those moments with low energy level. That way you’ll be capable of being productive even when you aren’t at your best.

These energy levels are more or less cyclical in each person throughout the day, however, most of us will agree on the fact that at the end of the day we aren’t in the top of our game. This normally is the perfect time to focus on the “lightest” tasks, like organizing your stuff, reading articles, upgrading software, or finishing entering data in your GTD system.

Summer is that time of the year when the moments of low energy multiply. Days are longer and you usually perform more activities than you’re used to, a lot of them in the sun and with tons of heat and high humidity.

If you aren’t careful of your energy levels, you can go through really low productive months which will eventually take its toll. Here you have a few basic tips on how to keep your energy high for the longest possible:

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