New Multi-Calendar Integration with Google and Outlook

This weekend we have updated the web application with a new feature that will allow you to synchronize your FacileThings calendar with multiple Google and Outlook calendar accounts at the same time.

If you use different Google and Outlook accounts to manage your personal and professional calendars, now you can bring all these data sources together in one GTD calendar.

If you already have your Google or Outlook calendar perfectly integrated with FacileThings and don’t need to use any other, you don’t have to do anything. Your current integration will continue to work as before.

However, if you want to add another Google or Outlook account, or reconfigure your current calendar integration, you will have to disconnect your currently integrated account and reconnect it. This is because, to integrate different calendar accounts, we need more information that allows us to distinguish them internally, and you have to give us permissions to access that information (basically, we need access to the primary email address of each account).

You will see that the user interface has hardly any changes in this update (we will make the necessary improvements when we redesign the Account section in the near future). 99% of the changes have been made in the integration mechanisms and in the internal events synchronization processes.

Now the integration with Google and Outlook calendars are in the same integration section of your Account. There you can connect your FacileThings account to as many Google and Outlook accounts as you need:

Once you have connected to a Google account, for example, you can add all the calendars you want using the account configuration editor.

It works exactly the same if you connect to an Outlook account.

All calendars except one must have a tag associated with it. This is the way FacileThings will be able to redirect your calendar events to the corresponding Google or Outlook calendar. For example, if a calendar has the #personal tag associated with it, any event you add to your FacileThings list with the #personal tag will go to that calendar.

The calendar that you use most frequently should be your default calendar and that does not need a tag. All FacileThings events that don’t have a specific calendar tag will go to your default calendar, which can be Google’s or Outlook’s, but it can only be one.

The calendar integration box will show you the current configuration of connected accounts and added calendars, which you can modify at any time:

In short, you can now connect as many Google and Outlook calendars as you need to your FacileThings account. Your default calendar will be the one among all the connected calendars that doesn’t have a tag associated with it. Otherwise, the rest of the integration with Google and Outlook calendars continues to work as before:

Originally published at on May 11, 2021.

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