New Calendar Design and Other Improvements

This weekend we have updated the FacileThings web application with a few improvements related to the management of the Calendar:

  • New calendar views.
  • Management of the events duration.
  • Customization of the date format and first day of the week.

New calendar views

The calendar views that allow daily, weekly and monthly viewing of the Calendar have been completely redesigned.

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In addition to the new design, the events drag and drop movement has been improved in all browsers (to change the time of an event), as well as the way to modify the duration of an event by dragging the lower edge of the box.

The new views optionally allow you to visualize the events that are still in the Tickler File, which can be very useful in a weekly or monthly planning. You must check the box at the top to show those events.

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Like the daily view, the weekly view allows you to drag & drop events at different times or from one day to another, and modify the duration of the event by dragging the lower edge of the box.

Now the calendar views also show the deadlines of Projects and Goals, so you do not miss anything.

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The monthly view allows you to move items from one day to other, by dragging and dropping the item.

Like the other views, it shows the projects and goals that must be completed and, optionally, the hidden items in the Tickler File, for a better planning.

Management of the events duration

Now you can specify the duration of an event, not only graphically in the calendar views, but when assigning a date/time:

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If it is a Calendar item and has start time, you also have the possibility to indicate the end time. The default duration is one hour.

You can also enter the end time of an event if you use the :day inline command, separating it from the start time by a hyphen (it’s not necessary if the duration is undetermined or one hour, which is the default):

Department meeting :day Friday 9:00-10:30

The integration with Google Calendar has been updated so that the duration of events is synchronized automatically and bidirectionally in both systems.

Customization of the date format and first day of the week.

The format you entered dates, as well as the first day of the week, were previously linked to the language. If you used the English language, your date format was mm/dd/yyyy and Sunday was the first day of the week. If you used Spanish, the date format was dd/mm/yyyy and Monday the first day of the week. Now, those two parameters are customizable and each user can choose the ones they prefer, regardless of the language they use.

You can modify these parameters in the Account section:

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Note that the date format affects how you enter dates in any field, including the :day and :start inline commands.

Meeting :day 8/1 will generate an event on January 8 if the active format is dd/mm/yyyy, or August 1 if it is mm/dd/yyyy.

A new date expression has also been introduced for these commands, so you can easily include the year when it is not the current one:

Prepare summer vacation :day 20/9/2019 :start 1/9/2019

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