Mobile App: New Version 3.4

User interface

Project management

Sequential projects

Kanban projects


Other improvements and bug fixes

  • External files associated with an action (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) can be viewed now.
  • The display of the text of the emails associated with the tasks, with HTML format, has been improved.
  • In the Engage option, when a calendar action is moved to a future date, it now disappears from the list.
  • When an item with a new tag is added to a list, the tag appears in the filter tool immediately.
  • The operation of the capture option when there is no internet connection has been reviewed and improved.
  • Fixed a bug where a calendar item would sometimes be assigned the current time, when only the day was intended to be assigned.
  • In the Clarify option, an error has been fixed whereby the Goal and Focus Area of the project were not inherited, when it was assigned to an action.



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