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Many people who approach the GTD methodology ( Getting Things Done) don’t really know what it is and how it can benefit them. In this article I’ll try to make that second part clearer.

Neither today’s education, nor traditional time management systems, nor most of the available organizing tools provide us with adequate help to manage the large number of external and internal commitments, which are frequently changing and have different levels of complexity, to which we are exposed in today’s society, where we are hyper-connected and always available.

For that same reason, you will most likely need something else to organize yourself effectively, something that could very well be GTD. But GTD doesn’t work for everyone. There must be some characteristics in your situation, in your motivation, and in your personality that will make this method an incredible opportunity for improvement in your life.

Here, in no particular order, are some of those traits. If none of them mean anything to you, don’t bother trying, because it will be a waste of time. If one or more of them resonates with you — and one of them must be the last one on the list — then you should try it, because it will be worth it.

  • You need to find a new way of working and managing your stuff. You are feeling a high level of stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed at work is frequent. You get too many new things to look into every day, there are too many changes and you have too many distractions. You feel that there are not enough hours in the day for everything you need to do. Because of all this, you can’t think straight for most of the time. And you feel that there must be some way to productively manage an overwhelming amount of things to do that allows you to maintain a positive feeling of calmed control.

GTD becomes, for many, a life-changing opportunity, something that helps them engage appropriately with their world, guiding them to make the best decisions at every turn, and removing distractions and stress from their path.

However, not everyone manages to implement it in their life. According to the feedback I receive from FacileThings users, the main reasons why they leave GTD is that it “requires a lot of effort” or that it “doesn’t fit with their way of doing things”. If you don’t accept that there is a path to follow, that you must learn some things and that, surely, you must unlearn others that right now seem perfectly valid, GTD will not be for you.

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