How to Use AI to Make Your Team More Productive

Chat-Bots Answer Common Questions

A decade ago, chat-bots were a silly way to waste time, only capable of providing the most basic programmed answers. Today, especially in the realm of customer service, they can become an invaluable tool when paired with AI. You can waste a lot of time answering the same questions over and over. Chatbots can provide answers to many of those frequently asked questions, freeing up your team for other more productive tasks.

Completing Repetitive Tasks with AI

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — there are bound to be some repetitive tasks that, while necessary, could be better handled by AI, or a well-trained chimpanzee. AI is expected to add some $15.7 trillion dollars in value to the global GDP between now and 2030, and most of that isn’t because of new advances in the technology. It will be due to the fact that companies have already started infusing this tech into their existing infrastructure.

Advanced Analysis and Prediction

One of the most popular applications for AI and machine learning is data analysis and predictive analytics. If you feed enough information into an AI system, it can start to make detailed predictions about the state of the date. These predictions will apply to both present and future incarnations. It’s not fortune telling — it’s analytics. It’s easier for teams to focus on productivity when they have all the information they need on hand.

Reducing Costs Through Automation

Adding an AI to your team might seem like an expensive proposition but when done correctly, it can help reduce costs and provide you with a significant ROI. We’ve already seen it start to happen. Netflix used machine learning in 2017 to save itself more than $1 billion a year through its artificially intelligent recommendations engine.

Removing The Human Element

The biggest benefit of AI in these cases is that it removes the human element — and the potential for human error — from many situations. An artificial system will never fully replace a human worker, but when it comes to things like repetitive tasks and data analysis, they can be incredibly useful tools to supplement the existing workforce and improve productivity across the board.



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