How to Make Yourself Productive by Changing Your Environment

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Have you been less productive recently? It usually starts when you find yourself thinking of something insignificant, when you’re supposed to be working. Sometimes, you find yourself just staring blankly at the document you should be working on, or notice that you’re struggling to focus on finishing your work. At times, you’ll even discover that you have repeated the same task a few times without making progress.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, there’s no doubt that your work output and productivity in the office has been suffering immensely. Before your superior or supervisor notices, you might want to do something about it. A good way to increase your productivity and get things done more efficiently is by changing your work environment. As such, we have outlined some things you can do to change your environment and make yourself productive below.

Change the appearance or location of your work space

If you work at home and you’ve realized that your productivity and work output has been at a slump recently, you might need to change the location or appearance of your workspace. You can move to a new location or change the scenery of your workspace. If you work in a company building, you probably don’t have the chance to change the location of your workspace, but you can still make a few changes by tidying your space, adding a few personal touches and simply making it look different. Changing your workspace location and appearance increases your productivity and creativity and allows you to be more innovative.


Your desk is probably covered with a lot of documents or office supplies, right? But it doesn’t have to contain so many things at the same time, that’s what drawers are meant for. A cluttered working space might have worked for you, but if you’re having problems with your focus and productivity, the clutter may be affecting you. So, take the time to clear out your desk and drawers.

If you don’t want things to return to the way it was, you might need to create a cleaning/declutter schedule for yourself. For example, you could declutter every three weeks and get rid of unnecessary documents, completed documents and junks that are taking up space. Apart from your working space, there may be clutter in your external environment, and it may be affecting your productivity. You need to take care of anything that may be bugging you physically, mentally or psychologically.

Vision boards

If you’re trying to be more productive, you should consider getting a vision board. Amy, who works at revealed that she started adding a vision board to her work space right from college. This helped her to remain aware of her goals and to challenge herself. By looking at your vision board every day, you remember what you need to achieve and how far you are away from your goal. But while reminding yourself of what you still need to achieve, remember how far you’ve come. Celebrate your victories and success and keep them in mind!

Get a no work zone

You can’t do everything, ranging from eating lunch to relaxing during your lunch break at your desk, and expect to remain productive. You need to make a distinction between your working space and your no work zone. This especially applies to people who work at home. You can’t expect to get any work done sitting on the same sofa you watch TV on. Of course, some people can manage to be productive anywhere, but this does not apply to everyone.

The best way to change your environment to make yourself more productive is to create a very clear distinction between your work and no work zone. This is applicable whether you’re working at home or in an office environment. Drawing a clear boundary between the two zones will help your brain to realize when it should work or relax.

Eliminate distractions

In a regular company, your workspace would have been designed to reduce distractions as much as possible. However, distractions can still come up in form of your talkative colleague sitting in the desk or cubicle beside you. Even immediate access to your social media apps and emails on your phone or laptop is a distraction which you must eliminate.

If you’re working from home like many of those who offer online assignment help australia, you have easy access to many distractions. The best way to eliminate those distractions is to lock them out of your work zone.


Apart from changing your external environment to make yourself more productive, you also need to change your internal environment. Try to change your mindset and declutter your mind from things that may be restraining your productivity, innovation and creativity in any way.

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