How to Be a Productive Entrepreneur

The importance of execution

Execution depends on your personal organization

Why GTD?

  • GTD encourages you to capture everything that goes on in your head, including any ideas that you have for your new business. This is very important for an entrepreneur. You’ll have ideas to improve your product or service, to make it stand out against the competition, to make it more appealing to your target market, and even if it’s not the moment to carry them out yet, you can store them in the “Someday/Maybe” list so you can go back to them in the future.
  • GTD teaches you to plan your projects in a natural way, starting from the original purpose and then defining each action you should take. The GTD purpose is to make the path clear and make the mental process of having ideas and sorting them out a real thing. GTD pushes you to go forward each day because you’re constantly asking yourself “what’s next?”
  • GTD does not only define your workflow to manage your day to day life, but it also works with the levels of perspective that help you distinguish the importance of your tasks on the long run, and your areas of responsibility. It’s really common that sometimes you put aside tasks that are important to do the ones you enjoy the most. As an entrepreneur you need to have a balance between your day to day and your long term goals, and that’s where GTD can best help you.
  • GTD leads you to make decisions at the moment things come up, not when there’s a crisis about it. This allows you to adapt to the changes that will inevitably occur in your planning. There will be many occasions when you need to change or adjust the direction of your startup so as not to lose opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • GTD doesn’t distinguish between work and personal life, and that in my opinion is essential not to burn yourself out. If you’ve taken the challenge of starting your own business, it must be to live better in every way.



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