How Do Successful Workplaces Look Like

4 min readJul 1, 2020

A successful workplace is not only highly profitable, but it is a place where employees find job satisfaction and hence a low turnover rate. Its unique incentives and culture strategically place it at a place where it attracts the best talents. Besides driving productivity, employer-employee trust and engagement are actively nurtured. Truth be told, employees’ satisfaction level determines how successful a workplace is; the happier they are, the higher the success rate. The following describes how a successful workplace looks like.

1. It has a unique culture and values

A successful workplace is one that has carved a unique culture and values. These cultures and values are then passed on to employees creating a special and rich history. Considering that a workplace is somehow a second home to the employees, assimilating them to the company’s way of life creates a connection that makes them feel included and part of the team. Unique culture can include holding team building activities, happy hours, and fun internal events.

2. Is appreciative of everyone’s contribution

As said earlier, happy employees make a workplace successful. A workplace that values its employees and makes them feel appreciated creates a happy place for the employees. Each employee is unique and gifted differently and his or her role contributes a special talent towards the company’s goal. A successful workplace understands this and clearly communicates its appreciation of each employee’s input. There are programs to appreciate and recognize outstanding performance while letting everyone feel that their contribution made the achievement of the goal possible.

3. Allows flexible working

There is a difference between the tasks completed and the time spent at work. A person can be at work the whole day and be productive for just a few hours. A successful workplace recognizes that people tend to be productive at different times of the day and thus allow flexible working conditions. Working remotely is a growing trend because employees are looking at improving their work-life balance. Allowing people to work at their convenience not only increases productivity but also releases stress and creates job satisfaction. The advantages of working remotely are that there are platforms that allow business collaboration in real-time, easing the interaction with colleagues and streamlining processes. One such platform is Zangi. Zangi is a private messenger platform that allows the collaboration of a team via audio or video calls or messages. Despite these features, Zangi provides features like communication apps tailored specifically to the company’s needs, which is completely independent, meaning your company has full ownership of the app, along with data within the app. This ensures a safe place for you to host your collaboration with your team.

Any brand that wants to get the best human resource should leverage this new nature of modern working. This is especially because it does not limit the geographical area from which to hire people. Take, for example, an employer recognizing the best talent in Denver; it becomes easy to hire him with flexible working conditions. The employee does not have to commute to the office, he can just pop into one of the many and reliable coworking places in Denver, and get his work done at his own convenient time.

4. It invests in employees growth

Besides aiming at achieving the company’s goals, employees have their own personal goals that they hope to achieve. They have the desire to climb up the ladder and build their career to the highest possible point. A successful workplace creates incentives that allow employees to do this. One way to achieve this is by working closely and offering guidance in their work. This means correcting any mistakes and creating room for growth. Some workplaces pay training fees for employees to improve their skills or to learn a new skill. Another is to promote from within if a position comes up, the employees are encouraged to apply and are guided through the new assignment.

5. There are benefits and amenities offered

Besides offering competitive pay, successful workplaces understand that benefits packages and amenities go a long way in creating job satisfaction. This can be in the form of a health insurance plan, unlimited vacations or gym subscription. Others can be as simple as allowing nap-time during the day, giving free meals once in a while or allowing the employees to bring their dogs to work. All these motivate and boost productivity hence and drive success in a great way.

6. The communication lines are kept open

A place that feels like home is one that anyone is free to share his or her opinions without fear of being reprimanded. A successful workplace creates such an atmosphere by having open lines of communication both ways. This means that the management communicates with transparency about the company and encourages employer engagement in airing their views of the items communicated. This creates trust between the company and its employees and everyone feels valued in the growth of the organization.


As discussed above, employees are the backbone of any workplace. They can build or derail success depending on how valuable they feel of an employer. For any workplace to be successful, you know where to invest in; the employee, their ambitions, goals, inclusivity, wellness, happiness and job satisfaction.

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