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What’s the final goal of someone who wants to learn GTD (Getting Things Done) or any other method of personal organization? Surely, and even if sometimes they aren’t aware of it, it’s the same goal as anyone who wants to acquire a new skill or improve one that already has: Be better. Be better in some concrete aspect of their life or be better in general. Develop as a person.

The interesting thing about GTD is that when you start using it, you think that you are simply learning a method that will help you to get better organized, but as you get deeper into the knowledge of the system and embrace its philosophy, you begin to perceive details of other aspects of your life in which you had not repaired before.

And when you are able to see your life with greater level of detail, then you are in a position to improve everything. That’s the greatness of GTD that can’t be seen beforehand. When you practice something, you fail, you make mistakes, you get back on your feet and continue, and you settle skills, there comes a time when it is as if you have a new superpower. You control!

The goal of using a personal organization tool should be, ultimately, the same: Be better. The tools are not goals themselves, they are an aid to achieve that other real goal.

Of course, the tools are important. Design matters, features matter and the quality of software matters. But a GTD tool cannot be just features and design, it must help you get to the final goal.

A user who is interested in GTD does not want to “be good” using a tool, wants to manage their life in an effective and calm way, and that is the result in which the tool should focus on.

The purpose of FacileThings is to help the person who uses it to achieve their goals, to create the habits and acquire the skills that allow them to better manage themselves and their life. It’s not about what you do when you are using the tool, but rather what you’re capable of doing after using it:

  • Have your personal and professional life organized and under control.
  • Feel relaxed in your day to day, full of things to do, with confidence.
  • Enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones, doing what you want, without worries.
  • Be aware of your principles and values, and that will encourage you to continue improving.

From experience, I know that improving a software product can be a problem for many users, simply because they have become accustomed to using the interface in a certain way. Having to learn new things requires effort and can be frustrating. However, at FacileThings we value every possible improvement to the extent of how much it will help the user to be better, to obtain better results in life (of course, once the improvement has been assimilated).

Just as you always want to improve as a person, we will always have to improve our application. Both things go hand in hand, we have to be better to help you be better.

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