FacileThings: New Outlook Calendar Integration

Synchronization is automatic and bidirectional

  • Do nothing: When you mark the task as done, the event remains in Outlook Calendar as it was.
  • Modify text: In this case, the event also remains in Outlook Calendar, but slightly modified. The “text” of the event is changed to “* [text]”, to indicate that it has been completed.
  • Delete event: When the action is set as done, the event is removed from Outlook Calendar, leaving both calendars exactly the same.

Management of multiple calendars

Management of private events

Things to have in mind

  • Before connecting any calendar you must make sure that it is configured in the same time zone as FacileThings (the time zone is defined in the Account section). If time zones were different, the defined time for each event will be altered in the destination calendar and you will have a little chaos in your schedule.
  • If you make changes to the FacileThings Calendar and you have the Outlook web or app open, you will see that the Outlook Calendar events are updated within a few seconds. However, if you make changes to the Outlook Calendar and keep the FacileThings Calendar page open, you will need to refresh it to see the changes. This page does not refresh automatically.
  • When you disconnect a calendar, everything remains the same but the changes stop synchronizing. If you disconnect a calendar and connect it again sometime later, after some changes have been made to it, you can find there are differences (which you should manually adjust).
  • The repetitive events of Outlook are not synchronized² . You should manage the repetitive tasks with the FacileThings routines.



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