FacileThings: New Analytics section

Overview Section

This section shows you an overview of your activity in the last week.

  • The actions that will be activated in the next 7 days are those that you have in the Tickler File, whose activation date is within the next week.
  • The active projects are the ones you currently have in your projects in progress list.
  • How many of your actions are individual, belong to a project or belong to a routine that is repeated over time.
  • How many of your actions have been delegated, and how many have to be done by you.

Tracking GTD Stages

The following sections allow you to check how you have been executing the GTD workflow in the last week, in the last month and in the last year.

Tracking “Perspective”

In the Perspective section you can see how many actions you have carried out in the last year related to the perspective levels you have defined: Visions, Goals and Areas of Focus. This will allow you to see which issues you pay too much attention to and which ones you don’t pay enough attention to.


This is a new option that will allow you to obtain qualitative information about how you are getting things done. Actually, it is much more important to do the right things than to do a lot of things.



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