Creating the Ideal Working Environment: Tips and Ideas

Maximize your workspace

To have the ideal working space you desire, you must maximize your working space. The goal is to make sure you are comfortable. You may want to make the room slightly bigger by pinching some space from the bedroom next to your office, or maybe you want to knock out the chimney breast to enable you to put your swanky new desk flush to the wall. Perhaps you want a complete remodeling of your house, complete with a loft conversion. Whatever you do, do not grab your mallet and start smashing your way through unwanted brickwork! General contractors are the qualified experts within this field and are the best fit for a big project.


The general contractors have worked their magic, leaving you with extra space and an amphitheater of your dreams. Now for your work environment’s decor; bright, bold, and brash colors are to be avoided. A nice, light, and the airy room would help to keep you focused and on task, while dark colors may make you feel sleepy or confined. How about a fresh lick of white on two of the walls and then an inspiring hue of light blue, light green, or any light color that takes your fancy, for that added extra serene shade. To finish off, add some peaceful or inspirational art to hang on your new walls and perhaps some photos of your loved ones.


Next to consider is the type of lighting to illuminate your aspirational work area. During daylight hours, natural light is pre-eminent to help fill your office with luminescence. Ensure you discuss with your general contractor in terms of installing windows that would meet this need. Placement of the window is paramount as to not cause any glare or shadows that could contribute to eye strain and dreaded headaches or migraines. Use an adjustable desk lamp to enable you to concentrate light for tasks such as writing and reading. Any rewiring of electrics should be left to the professionals to avoid any shocks!


Your brand new sparkly office is now ready to be put into action, let’s talk furniture! First and foremost you will need a desk, visualize what type of desk would meet your needs while fitting perfectly into your space. Desks come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of built-in storage. Writing desks have large open deck space, minimal storage, suitable for a laptop but not so much a desktop computer, and can be positioned against a wall or freestanding in the middle of the room.

Hire a general contractor

Seek professional help by hiring a general contractor. Hiring a general contractor might be the difference between having the ideal working environment or an environment that hinders productivity. Seeking professional help will alleviate your stress and give a clear direction for your project. The contractor hires and manages the needed personnel, holds liability insurance, and is responsible if anything goes wrong. Ensure you hire a reputable and well-reviewed contractor, request to see examples of their work, obtain a reference from their prior customers if possible, and only work with a licensed and insured general contractor.


In summary, your working space is just that — YOURS. By maximizing your space, selecting the right lights and furniture, and picking a well qualified general contractor, you can make it yours, make it personal, make it comfortable, make it inspiring, make it whatever you want it to be that will benefit your work, health, and wellbeing.



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