In GTD, Agendas are just a set of Next Actions associated with a person or a group of people.

In the same way that we link Next Actions to the physical contexts or tools that are needed to carry those actions out, so that we then have a short list of actions to do that we can focus on when we are in that context, we can link actions to the people we need to be with or talk to in order to carry them out. …

The pandemic opened a window to new opportunities for freelancers but new challenges too. Finding the balance between these two aspects is the key to leverage the moment. Before the pandemic, the freelancing world was already growing rapidly. But the pandemic shook the foundation as it did with all the other fields. So, if you are a freelancer or are thinking of joining this working style, here are some opportunities and challenges that you need to consider.

1. The boom of the digital world

The pandemic forced businesses and individuals to go digital. It was not an option anymore because it became the only way to reach…

This weekend we have updated the FacileThings web application with a series of improvements aimed at facilitating the management of collaborators in your GTD system.

These improvements will allow you, among other things:

  • Share an action with several people,
  • Better manage delegated tasks,
  • Customize your contact list, and
  • Be clear about the agenda to deal with every time you talk to one of your collaborators.

Let’s move on to see it in more detail.

New Collaborators Section

Productivity is part of the modern lifestyle. Professionals are always seeking out techniques to increase their output and perfect their efficiency. While productivity methods are helpful in their own way, though, there’s one productivity booster that is as simple and natural as breathing.

Sleeping in a quality setting and in sufficient quantities can have a dramatic effect on your overall productivity, no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity, here are a few solid reasons that getting better sleep should be high on the list.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Productivity

It likely comes as no surprise…

Stoics recommended walking as a form of mental training to connect with the unconscious. Buddhists recommend walking for a higher, happier and healthier life. Many of the most brilliant minds throughout history found the ideas for which they are known in their walks.

Philosophers like Nietzsche and Freud, composers like Mahler and Beethoven, inventors like Tesla and Einstein, writers like Hemingway and Darwin, activists like Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King, and visionaries like Steve Jobs all included walks in their daily routines.

Going for a walk is not just a well-deserved break from work or a simple way to…

There are times in life when you have to change some things. You realize that you’ve reached your limit in some kind of situation and you can no longer continue doing things the way you were doing them. …

The human brain uses a proactive system and a reactive system to deal with the different tasks that are imposed on us on a daily basis. The proactive system uses fluid intelligence to connect the dots of the moving parts that make up each challenge and come up with an appropriate plan of action. On the other hand, the reactive system is quick to reorient itself when the challenge is immediate, urgent, or catches you off guard, and needs to solve problems quickly in seemingly new situations.

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics for his research on how the…

Innovation is a term that is constantly bandied about these days. In fact, 84% of executives are in agreement that the ability to innovate isn’t just good, it’s crucial for their business. And yet, a mere 6% of said leaders are actually happy with the levels of innovation that they see in their organization.

If you, your team, or even your company as a whole struggles with innovation, you most certainly are not alone. …

Business productivity is defined as the ratio between the production obtained and the resources used to obtain that production. It’s, therefore, an indicator of efficiency. The objective is always to do more with less.

To increase the production of materials and expendable objects, we resort to industrial mechanization. But there are companies, or areas of a company, in which the production capital is the knowledge and creativity of the workers themselves. These are the so-called knowledge workers.

This type of worker tends to “create their own work” based on their thinking and the needs of the company. Measuring their productivity…

As mental health is increasingly receiving the awareness that it rightly deserves, workplaces are also slowly starting to adapt their environments and values in order to effectively be able to manage and offer the appropriate support that anybody might require. Being the place where most people spend the majority of their time, a workplace environment can have a major impact on our mental wellbeing.

On the same note, a negative mental state will also, in turn, adversely affect the workplace; if left untreated, mental health problems could potentially get out of hand, and as a result, manifest into matters such…


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