5 Ways to Wake up Earlier and Have a Productive Morning

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The calmness that comes with every morning comes with the strength to continue the business of life. The morning determines how you will use the rest of the day. Life presents a new task for us every day. We either start a new journey or continue from where we stopped the previous day. The successful people in our everyday life usually attribute their success to early morning productivity.

No two persons have the same sleep pattern. There are days you want to stay in bed. There are days you want to get up and work but your body will not agree. It is no big deal at all if you feel lazy to get up from the bed. How you overcome the laziness is what matters. Here are the ways to wake up earlier and have a productive morning.

1. Create a morning routine for yourself

You cannot discard the power of having a morning routine. When you have a particular time you wake up, your body will be used to it. You are likely to wake up every day at the same time without an alarm clock.

You cannot achieve this routine without being consistent. Consistency involves self-will to achieve. This is why productivity expert Claire Diaz Ortiz, recommends a morning routine to boost our daily productivity.

When you have a morning routine, you are well prepared for the day. This routine helps you to focus on things that will interest you. Your routine is a great source of daily motivation.

2. Go to bed early

You have to get plenty of sleep to be productive in the morning. This can be effective when you understand your sleep cycle. Before you attain a consistent morning routine, you can set an alarm that will help with your sleeping time and waking time.

Your morning depends on your night’s rest. When you are deprived of good sleep, it will be very hard to be productive. Poor sleep or late sleep results in low energy, concentration difficulty, poor motivation, and tiredness.

3. Prepare for the next morning, the evening before

A very important key to early and productive morning is organization and planning. Every dawn of the morning is a new one and not exactly like the one before. You cannot approach the next morning without having a plan for it.

The morning should go the way you want it to go. If the morning doesn’t go as you planned because of some emergencies, it will not deviate too much from your plan. Starting your day with a list of prioritized tasks and goals will help you make productive and enhancing decisions.

It starts with making decisions such as the clothing to wear, what to eat and gathering necessary equipment for the following day. By doing this, you won’t be frustrated. Looking for something as simple as a pair of shoes can disrupt your morning. This is what you can do when you prepare your to-do list every evening.

4. Have a routine morning exercise

When you have a routine morning exercise, you have something to look forward to. Early morning exercise enhances body metabolism. A good body metabolism helps you to be productive in the morning. It may be difficult to wake up or force your body to work. Once you start early morning exercise, your body becomes ready for the day’s business. A regular morning exercise is a good routine that helps you to cultivate consistency.

Productivity in the morning requires mental and physical energy. The early morning exercise you engage in will help to build the mental and physical capacity that can sustain you throughout the day. Research has shown that early morning exercise is better than taking coffee. Exercising in the morning before you do any work can increase your productivity and improve your mood and attitude to work.

5. Keep this same routine on weekends

We are naturally inclined to wake up late on weekends because they are mostly works-free days. If you don’t keep to the weekdays routine on weekends, you are likely to disrupt your morning routine. Once there is a disruption, it will affect you during the other days of the week. You should endeavor to keep your early wake time no matter the day of the week.

Even though you may have less to do during weekends, you should create a flexible schedule. Maintaining the schedule will help you to be productive throughout the whole week. You don’t want to have a productive morning on weekdays and a less productive one on weekends. Weekends should be productive and full of fun.


“Good morning” is the ideal greeting but you can have a bad morning if you don’t wake up early and become productive. A bad morning will lead to a bad day. A balance is required to have a productive morning. For you to have a productive morning, you must be determined, self-willed, focused and deliberate. Start it and be consistent with it. You will see the desired result.

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