30 Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Improve Your Effectiveness

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Checklists are very interesting tools when it comes to maintaining and improving the efficiency of your personal organization system. David Allen talks about their benefits in his book Getting Things Done, but because they are not linked to a specific stage in the GTD workflow, we tend to overlook or even forget them.

Commonly, checklists are most used to help us complete certain tasks without making mistakes and without forgetting any details of the work we need to get done. These lists are associated with specific actions, and we use them when engaging and getting to work. They help us deal with tasks that have a certain complexity, or that we have not yet fully mastered, without getting stressed out.

But checklists also help define creative self-management reminders related to any area of personal interest. You can use them to regularly review and improve any aspect of your life.

A while ago, I found a list with 49 questions for improving personal results in the book The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman. I’ve modified — and shorten — that list to adjust it better to personal effectiveness, and the result is a checklist that I find really interesting and that should be reviewed, at least, once a year.

  1. Do I get enough sleep?

How many things do you feel capable of doing after answering these questions? Surely many!

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