17 Tips to Stay Motivated

“Victory belongs to the most persevering” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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There are days or moments in some days in which, for whatever reason, we just don’t feel particularly motivated to face our tasks. Sometimes the problem is the work we need to do: we don’t enjoy it, it’s difficult or we just aren’t in the mood to do it. Sometimes it’s a personal matter. We aren’t always on the same mood.

Personally, summer is the time of the year in which I take longer to get to work. I have to acknowledge that my performance it’s not what you’d call optimum. The long days of summer, the high temperatures, the holiday atmosphere of the place I live (a little town on the coast that develops all its activity in summer season), the major sporting events (I love sports and this year is time for football) and the multiple interesting events of all kinds, all make me difficult to spend all day working in front of my computer.

If you are like me, here you have a list of tips that might help you gain back that lost motivation, depending on the circumstances:

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